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Real-time analysis on financial markets delivered straight to your desktop or smartphone. We provide analysis, recommendations and commentary on major equity indices and the most liquid UK stocks.

Written and published in-house, our analysis provides up to the minute information that will assist CFD trading and spread betting on financial markets. Using technical analysis across multiple time frames we provide analysis to suit all types of investors.


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Important Information: Risk Warnings

Subscription to the services provided by Central Research (a trading name of Central Markets (London) Limited) is solely for individual investors and cannot be used for commercial purposes. Factual material is obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but Central Research is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results of actions taken based on the information contained therein. Central Research does not give personal recommendations. If you require personal recommendations or advice, you should contact an Independent Financial Advisor. Or if you have any tax queries, you should contact an Accountant.